• Aircap Inc. is a gamification company
     which develops and services the mobile games as a marketing platform.



We, humanbeings have the same fate as that of Sisyphus(He is said to be getting punished as he was against the God`s will and deceived the God in Greek mythology. He is forced to roll a block of a stone against a steep hill. But whenever he gets to the peak of rocky mountain, the block of a stone is rolling down to the bottom of the hill. And the punishment should be done repeatedly forever).

Our life is pretty similar to the stone of Sisyphus.
We try to reach to the summit repeatedly (for the better life), but the block of a stone is always rolling down to its original position and everytime we will have new assignments to do.
Alvert Camus said Sisyphus would be happy if he becomes aware that all his attemps are vain and meaningless, but our company members thought that it would be insufficient to become aware of its emptiness only.
We supposed we envelope the block of a stone with a roll of aircap.
How would our life change and how would we feel if we (who usually repeat the same schedule and regular work) envelope the rocky ball with a roll of air cap when rolling it up against a steep hill breaking?
With the roll of air cap, we could have much pleasure and endure the painful hardships of every- day life.

AIRCAP inc. would like to make pleasant games that acts as breaking a roll of air cap for the gener- al public to have an enjoyable day when they push the rocky ball up to the peak repeatedly.
And AIRCAP inc’s main strategy is that our company processes fantastic goods, services, experienc- es in reality and designs them for the game users to feel pleasant in the games.
In addition, arranging the attractive goods of real life into the games and making the game users realize their romantic ideas and enjoy the game is AIRCAP inc.’s main strategy and vision. 



Gamification is a new, advanced communication technique which applies the game mechanism to non-game areas and induces the game users' active participation and practice for the intended purpose of the relevant businesses. Aircap inc. is emphasizing on making use of gamification technique and suggesting new marketing solutions to the enterprises of non-game area and increasing the substantive merits of their goods and services. Gamification platform is one-step higher or more advanced than the existing mobile advertisement platform or mobile business service like O2O.


AIRCAP's firtst project

Global PR


"GIRL GLOBE" will be serviced in more than 160 nations throughout the world as a newgamification platform.
Make use of This fantastic marketing platform, and the business company(which are planning to be a global enterprise or global expansion) will expand its business globally and raise brand awareness, sales volume very much.

Most effective promotion channel

for beloved fashion brand

Our company heard that many fashion brand or manufacturing companies had asked about making the promotional game or mobile platform. But they gave up the plan(of making promotional game or mobile platform) because of very high estimated cost. 
We, AIRCAP inc. will develop dress-up game for fashion brand goods and provide this gamification platform for the brand company all for free. We will develop fantastic games with high quality contents and beautiful graphics for which global luxury brand companies admire very much. 
"GIRL GLOBE" as a new gamification platform will provide differentiated services or brand-experiences for the game users. And it will contribute to a big sales increase of your company as an interactive promotion channel which is connected directly to demanding customers. 



“GIRL GLOBE” can propose new BM to the beloved global fashion companies.
If you want to know in detail about Aircap inc. and “GIRL GLOBE", please contact us for the meeting.

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